The girls

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melmedal Melissa

Type: Frankenstein-creature
Weapons: A giant hammer and bunch of potions she made (explosive, transformation, invisibility…)
The latest member of the crew, Melissa is a joyful girl, but who gets easily angry.


cathmedalCath (Catherine)

Age: 38
Type: Weretiger
Weapons: Claws, berzerk
Description: Captain of the crew, she’s in charge of the girls. She has not a good sense of humour but she’s fair.


nellmedalNell (N311)

Age: 24
Type: Androïd
Weapons: Laser guns, hacking…
Description: Nell is an androîd, she land on earth after a spaceship incident. She’s very clever. She also seems to be jealous of Melissa.



Age: 176
Type: vampire
Weapons:  vampiric skills
Description: A former TV actress, Carmilla is a proud person who remain calm in every occasion.



Age: 65
Type: Ghost
Weapons: Chains and ghost skills
Description: Dead in a very stupid way, Alice is stuck on earth as a ghost. She’s very clumsy and shy.


cleomedalCleo (Queen Hexmelonis the third)

Age: OLD
Type: Mummy
Weapons: black magic
Description: Ancient Queen of the ancient Egypt, Cleo is back on the scene. She is very powerfull with her magic, but she’s a bit selfish.


tyamedalTya (tya’krgiss-tdhduiyz)

Age: 18
Type: Alien
Weapons: No weapon but healing and psychic powers.
Description: Young alien girl, she’s the healer of the crew, she’s very kind and joyful.

Secondary characters:
-Chris and Noah
-Charlotte and June
-Jason and Richard