There’s no place like Mel’s home  page 2

There’s no place like Mel’s home page 2

were2New page, and, with lots of dialogs in german, so here is the translation:
Frame1: im back
Frame2: Melissa? is that you? What happened? »
-Yeah…I got bit by a werewolf.
Frame3: -But you’re vaccinated…
-I know, i don’t understand ».

Discussion (5)¬

  1. hakira dit :

    Yep, he hopped all right. I think he might watch to many movies.

  2. ZeroConfidence dit :

    Good to know there’s cures to those changes, which I guess makes making a method to changing people who are vaccinated redundant. Unless the cure isn’t exactly something normal people can afford to get a hold of, or this version of conversion isn’t something that’s exactly easy to cure. Anyway, fantastic page and looking forward to the next.

    And I see Mel takes after her mom in the looks there. That dotty ginger gene be strong in their genetics. You know, among other sexy large aspects to their figures. Ha ha! =D

  3. nonimportante dit :