There’s no place like Mel’s home  page 3

There’s no place like Mel’s home page 3

were3The return of Alice, and her…Arguments…
Oh and she says « oh shit, i forgot »


  1. ZeroConfidence dit :

    Lol, the mom is really friendly to handsome guest there. The dad doesn’t seem to mind either, but I guess there’s more important things to be worried about. Like cleaning fur off the couch, pets seem to get that stuff everywhere. Heh, poor Mel and the lack of some common sense to jokes.

    Heh, Love Alice’s choice of at home casual attire. Certainly as free as someone can feel for someone that can go through walls and all. Certainly the guest doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Ha ha! =D

    Great job on the page, looking forward to the next. And « Hope you can find a cure », I was believed they already had a cure to those kind of changes. I guess it’s just vaccinations to prevent those kind of things from happening in the first place. But I guess we’ll see how successful the dad is, or seeing if the BSGs need to pay a visit to the person that’s causing the were-virus to spread past vaccinated people and see if he has a cure to what he/she/or it has done.