There’s no place like Mel’s home page 4

There’s no place like Mel’s home page 4

were4Cristian is doomed!

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  1. Dark Ronin dit :

    What is it about parking near spooky houses that automatically causes your car engine to fail?

  2. ZeroConfidence dit :

    Heh, I’d hate to stereotype the big cow man, but she’s looking at him like a big hunk of beef there. Ha ha! =D

    Funny she followed him outside, like maybe she knew his car wouldn’t get started. That or just heard maybe the 3rd or 4th attempt at getting a car started. I know that sound all too well and how loud it can get. That noise people know when someone is having car problems.

    It is impressive to think thou, for a single housing spot to still get bus services out that way. Didn’t look like there was too many neighbors during that neighborhood drive.

    Heh, Ghost mom’s attire is getting more and more revealing there. Wonder if it’s cause she’s getting ready for bed also, or she has other intentions on her mind, or both? Ha ha.

    Anyway, great page again. Looking forward to the next and seeing where this is going. Seeing how Cristian will survive his night there, and just how big of a favor the club will owe him for just a simple drive out. Love the art, love the details. Great job as always, ha ha! =D

    • Angs dit :

      Good call on Debbie, maybe she heard the engine not starting, maybe she did something to it…Who knows…
      Yes there’s bus, i jsut haven’t shown much of the hood.