There’s no place like Mel’s home page 1

There’s no place like Mel’s home page 1


New page of the new chapter? Cristian, the bouncer, is taking Mel home.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. ZeroConfidence dit :

    Lol, Mel getting naked in a car cause of recent fur problems. Judging from where they left from, seems like any problem is found to get a little naked, ha ha! =D

    The real life problems and subtle prejudices seem like a interesting turn for the comic. Monsters that can get accepted to college and get degrees, but can’t get a decent job in a human world that views Monsters as something to be scared of or as a lesser race. Of course social and financial problems aside, I bet that car still gets great gas mileage. Seeing if it’s just a car to get from home to work, and back. Can’t help that the Big Black Minotaur Bouncer is super Buff and Mel got big and furry.

    Great job again, keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next page. =D

  2. Dark Ronin dit :

    Poor Mel’s new fur is making her all sweaty