New beginning page 16

New beginning page 16

newbeg16Mel is a bit dumb…A bit…

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Dark Ronin dit :

    Wait until you see why Rilla hired Christian

  2. Hakira dit :

    Mel probably wants some pants. Which she will realize when she gets outside I bet or someone points it out.

  3. ZeroConfidence dit :

    Lol, pretty honest and funny answer there, At my Parent’s house. I guess when, « Home is Where the heart is », you don’t need to remember it’s address, ha ha! =D

    And neat, looks like a plot finally. Trying to figure out how vaccinated people are still turning into were’s via bites. It might also help if the were’s that are biting, would stop biting people. Unless that’s just a natural habit of theirs. Anyway, looking forward to where this is going. Sounds like someone that’s trying to expand the monster or were community. Keep up the great work there.