The Hypno-Ray Page1

The Hypno-Ray Page1


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Discussion (13)¬

  1. Camryn dit :

    Yeah je kiffe cette page ^^

  2. DaBlackX dit :

    Someone is about to get their butts kicked!

  3. mala666 dit :

    hey I like a lot your webcomic. It’s funny and sexy! and characters and story look original.
    hope to read more soon!

  4. mala666 dit :

    sounds great!

  5. Saddust dit :

    J’aime bien aussi, pour une fois qu’un webcomic n’est pas (que) pour les gosses…

    I like this, nice gurlz, sexy ‘n all, but maybe the graphic could be improved, compression is killing it. Even the text is uneasy to read.
    Keep this up man !

    • admin dit :

      Tu peux la lire en français chez manolo sanctis, la bas les pages sont en hautes def, ici, je suis malheureusement limite en taille, mais en cliquant dessus, tu les as en un peu plus grand.

  6. Ashton dit :

    um…was this comic first done in a different language and then translated to english? I think it’s funny, but I think something is getting lost in the translation.

  7. [...] HQ and learn more about the girls through the two new recruits. By the way, you should read « the hypno-ray » if you want to know who the biys are. Also, i took note of your suggestions, basically, you asked [...]

  8. Zarzarcon dit :

    Damn, right into the swing of things are we. Ok here we go!

  9. Mike Morris dit :

    Sexy catgirl, yay!! :D