new recruits page1

new recruits page1


New chapter! And a important one since we’ll visit the « Battlesuit girls » HQ and learn more about the girls through the two new recruits. By the way, you should read « the hypno-ray » if you want to know who the biys are. Also, i took note of your suggestions, basically, you asked for more of everything, and i was pretty sure of that XD I’ll try my best, the main plot about robot will have a real story, and i’ll try so say more about the characters through the chapters. And also, because you asked for it, add a bit more of fight and fan service. Just give me the time to develop things like i want ha ha.  Just keep in mind that: this comic is not serious, there’ll never be a serious plot like « ghost in the shell », i do it on my spare time, so i do what i can, also i try to have a good balance betweeen my arts and dialogs/story. To conclude, i want to say: thanks for reading, you’re more and more to follow this webcomic, and i appreciate, have fun!

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Discussion (21)¬

  1. Jezebel1669 dit :

    I think I can spot some fanservice in the first frame, but you have to look really carefully to spot it. *giggle*

    • admin dit :

      ha ha yes, i also wanted to show that: there’s BSG action figurines, and the guy is a Alice’s fan :D

  2. Rastrelly dit :

    Reminds me captain Carrot :) Red and writes letters home :)

  3. Sheela dit :

    More of everything – And in color too ! :D

    I know, I know, I see so many comics dropping color to pick up the pace of their story, and then years later moan about not being good at coloring, well no wonder, it’s an aquired skill.

    I’d say keep at it, with as high a quality as you can get away with, without burning yourself out.
    Keep it fun for yourself and I’m sure it’ll pan out in the long run.


    • admin dit :

      I’ll never drop the colors, it’s really a plus imo. And i do the best i can, the fact that i’ve got more and more readers is something nice.

  4. tWiCHY dit :

    woo glad to see this comic updating, i read it earlier in the week and was wondering how often it might update, if ever. i have so many comics i watch that rarely update

  5. Rastrelly dit :

    « I’d say keep at it, with as high a quality as you can get away with, without burning yourself out. »

    Quality is epic :) Cannot imagine how much energy such approach must eat.

    • admin dit :

      Well, in order to finish my weekly page, i need to work a bit on it everyday. It’s a time consumer really.

  6. Sheela dit :

    That’s just it, coloring and shading is often time consuming, but not neceseraly all that complicated seen from a conceptual standpoint. But many artists wants to crank out a lot of comics in a short time in order to make a more « epic » story, and if they try to do that while doing the whole shebang by themselves /writing/pagelayout/scripting/lineart/inking/coloring) they burn themselves out.

    Which is sad.

    Also, never, ever restart a webcomic … if you do, it’s pretty much dead.
    I have never seen it work successfully.
    Ever !

    I know, I know – When an artist looks at his early art, his toes curl and his hair stand on end, but rather that, than redoing the whole thing and most likely killing it in the process. Better to start something completely new then.

    uhmm … I better stop rambling now …

    Anyways, thanks for the comic !
    We like it !!



    • admin dit :

      Ha ha, yeah, that’s what i see from all the webcomic i saw. A lot of guys sacrifice a part of deal in order to write a better story/publish more often and stuff.
      I found my work rhythm, and i’ll keep it like that ^^

      Starting over? nah bad idea, my first episodes were tests, buti’ll keep them, i mean, it’s just a webcomic, and it’s not really designed to have a real begin and end lol.
      And thanks for reading, new page tomorrow!

  7. Rastrelly dit :

    « new page tomorrow! »
    As one my fellow Ork said: WAAAAAGH!!!!

  8. Sheela dit :

    Wait, what ?
    I’m fairly sure he sais WaaAAaAAargh!! ?

  9. Rastrelly dit :

    « I’m fairly sure he sais WaaAAaAAargh!! ? »

    Depends on his mood :)

  10. Inky dit :

    Writing his mom a letter… A nice little sentimental note.

    And a good way to introduce him.

  11. Insaneus dit :

    well dood battlesuit girls has a bright future a bright awesome future i must say :D keep up the awesome work (quick outside note) ill try and comment as much as i can on your web comic DOOOOOD

  12. Spectrum dit :

    Yay! Let’s visit the BSG HQ! I’m excited!!!

  13. Zarzarcon dit :

    I love that you put in an irish person! My drunken ancestors thank you!