Welcome to Ectoville page 27

Welcome to Ectoville page 27

wte27Cath is badass, i’m telling ya. Also forgot to write it but the drow boy is saying « awesome! » but i think it was obvious.

Discussion (21)¬

  1. MaveriKat dit :

    Oh my God… Catherine is SO badass and sexy-assed at the same time, that she truly is a winning combination! <3

  2. Dadidou000 dit :

    alors ça c’est une technique digne de street fighter.

  3. Ronin dit :

    Cath’s been getting moves from her sons’ video games

  4. Rastrelly dit :

    « Your robot tigerpawwing skill has increased »

  5. khamya9 dit :

    I think what the drow boy was saying is pretty obvious yes. Nice work on this one! Took me a second to realize that she blew a hole clean through him with the palm of her hand.

  6. Gorgriz dit :

    Pauvres robots XD

    De simples faire-valoir pour tes héroïnes et leur nouveau fan ;)

  7. Max dit :

    CHAUD -Ryuken :O