Welcome to Ectoville page 26

Welcome to Ectoville page 26

wte26A bad day for robots, i’m tellin’ ya!

Discussion (14)¬

  1. Rastrelly dit :

    Immah running on Vista, Immah hitting mehself for that

  2. QuadManX dit :

    The old « quit hitting yourself » bully technique… such a cruel attack to use!! But fun anyway! Nice.

  3. Ronin dit :

    Hehehe, Tya’s so adorable. She doesn’t want to hurt the robot, so she’ll just make him do it himself

    • tWiCHY dit :

      why not just make him fight other robots then?

      • Ronin dit :

        Because, the other BSGs already have them under control. She’d just be having him fight scrap metal and that gets boring fast

      • angs dit :

        Yeah, it’s a pretty easy fight this time (things will get worse very soon) so they don’t even bother for a strategy there. And i thought « robot bullying » was funny.

  4. MaveriKat dit :

    Cleo has a nice sword.

  5. ruffosan dit :

    That was a fast page there!, got some free time recently? xD

  6. khamya9 dit :

    Love this one, very fun.