Welcome to ectoville page 10

Welcome to ectoville page 10

wte10Notice how Cath does wall jumps: you have to press the opposite direction on your D-pad when you hit the wall + jump. It needs a perfect timing…Oh wait…

Discussion (25)¬

  1. Rastrelly dit :

    Oh, Mel, I do understand you so well… T_T

  2. QuadManX dit :

    Cath needs to learn the « Space Jump »… all spinning around and around and around and around…. till she gets all dizzy and throws up… ok, so she doesn’t need to learn the « Space Jump. » Maybe she’d be better off with… POWER BOMBS!

    • angs dit :

      that’s not a good idea, the wall jump is good enough :D
      Maybe she can learn a charge jump to sky high in a second :D

  3. Ronin dit :

    Mel calls « Bullshit » on this

  4. ruffosan dit :

    ask Carmilla to taxi you there Mel XD

  5. Joker Ace dit :

    I just like the look on Carmilla’s face she so not interested in this

  6. Gorgriz dit :

    Mince, j’ai cassé ma manette XD Ça va aller quand-même le wall jump ;) ?

  7. championneko dit :

    Know her we have few option :
    1 – she smash the building down so she hasn’t ne need to climb (Kat will be angry)
    2 – she drink a growing potion and accidentaly smash some building around (Kat will be angry)
    3 – she stay down because it’s too exhausting to climb (Kat will be angry)
    4 – she climbs but the drows are fleeing down and she must go back on floor (Mel will be angry )

    I’ve remove the rocket-jump option, she could use it but will finish dismantled on the roof ^^;