Welcome to ectoville page 9

Welcome to ectoville page 9

wte9Two worlds collide, well, i guess…Wonder what will happen!

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  1. zero confidence dit :

    Quickly, to mystery van, ha ha! Interesting so far, wonder what could result from this investigation. Keep up the good work! :D

  2. QuadManX dit :

    Nope, sorry Rilla, yer not in Hell… but a close second, I bet. :D Time for the Battle Tank Girls to jump into action!!!… wait, not « Tank »… uhm… hehe

  3. Ronin dit :

    Things are certainly going to be interesting when the Drow meet the BSG. Rilla thinks they might be in hell… well, a Frankenbabe, a Vampire, and a Were-Tigress being the first people they meet isn’t really going to help disuade them from that idea

  4. Gorgriz dit :

    De nouvelles aventures en perspective ;)

    Désolé si j’ai pas laissé de messages dernièrement, j’ai été assez pris, et puis j’ai mes périodes « mémoire de poisson rouge » XD