Welcome to Ectoville page 6

Welcome to Ectoville page 6

wte6Mel is a silly goofball!

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  1. Dadidou000 dit :

    Pas très habile la petite Mel, mais sa la rend mignonne ^^

  2. QuadManX dit :

    Mel, proving once again that « Franken-girls » cannot fly. How many times does she have to learn that the hard way? hehe Cute Mel is cute and fun.

  3. Ronin dit :

    And later that day, some homeless guy is going to wonder why there are frankenbutt prints all over his destroyed house

  4. Sephzero dit :

    At least her tush got padding for the fall.

  5. Sunamori dit :

    Maybe my previous comment wasn’t much clear. I found a great tutorial that explains in better words what I just suggested: http://dresdencodak.tumblr.com/post/1279958363/silhouettes-the-silent-killer

    • angs dit :

      Interresting read, tho, i intentionaly made this page messier than usual; i dunno, because of mel, because she falls; i saw this page like that.

  6. Ruffosan dit :

    MOAB!!!!!!, take cover!

  7. Ojunix dit :

    Awww her poor little rump butt :c
    I’ll kiss it to make it feel better C:

  8. nonimportante dit :

    i’m confused. what happen to the tournament? you can’t just NOT finish a arc like that man it just not right. even a bad/hurried resolution is better then none.