Welcome to Ectoville Page 5

Welcome to Ectoville Page 5

wte5Mel is in!

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  1. Altrunchen dit :

    Bottle caps girls? Is that dude even listening to them anymore?

    Wait a moment…do I smell a Fallout reference :o ? Caps? Hmmm…

  2. Ronin dit :

    Lol, that first panel makes me think of Mel acting out that scene from The Goonies. « HEEEEEEEEEEY YOOOOOOOOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!! »

  3. zero confidence dit :

    Dat ass, ha ha! Again, best alleyway ever! :D

  4. Ruffosan dit :

    this guy just need to get his ass kicked out, so much ignorance….

  5. QuadManX dit :

    Bottle Cap Girls… do I hear some sort of future, Battle Suit Girls product endorsement deal?! Drink new BSG cola, with collectable caps!

    • angs dit :

      Would be awesome….The Saints have their own sodas, why not BSG ?

      • mapleMatt dit :

        I know, I am very late for this comment… but having their own soda, wouldn’t some dumbass like this guy end up calling them the Bottled Soda Girls or something? xD