Welcome to Ectoville page 34

Welcome to Ectoville page 34

wte34Andddd this chapter is over! It’s also the end of BSG for 2012.
I dunno when i’ll come back to it for the moment, i wanna work on personal projects.

Discussion (22)¬

  1. Ronin dit :

    Keep Ectoville safe for us girls. We will always cheer for you!

  2. Max dit :

    Bon bah c’est la fin ;___; Bonne chance pour les autres projets hein :D

  3. khamya9 dit :

    Enjoy your other projects! It’s good to take a break and recharge from time to time.

  4. Zar Nightshade dit :

    Really like this comic cant wait for a update ^w^

  5. mapleMatt dit :

    Très drôle comme Webcomic! J’vien de me tapper le tout en entier en une soirée. Bon break et en espérant que BSG revienne en grand! :D

  6. nonimportante dit :

    Noooo. cliff hanger endings bane of my exsistance. once again you thwart my joy.

  7. nonimportante dit :

    the two scientist should totally end up dating two of the girls. one with nell and the other with either Melissa or the the spider secretary. maybe they could build a fit and confident ray to shoot themselves with.

  8. Eric Coutu dit :

    I have a question ,when will you returned to bring us more BSG ???