Welcome to Ectoville page 22

Welcome to Ectoville page 22

wte22Uh ohhh sounds like problems!

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Ronin dit :

    it’s 4 1/2 robots against 6 people. I say that’s a fair fight lol

    • angs dit :

      I’m kinda afraid to see that my proff reader don’t read the dialogues that much. It’s written « there’s probably even more below ». And yes, there is more.

  2. ChampionNeko dit :

    I bet that Ectoville is a city where scrap-dealers are rich :3
    Not to forget the textile industry, since girls tend to have their clothes ripped off ;)

  3. Max dit :

    Laawl,ca sent le paté pour les miss,qu’est ce qu’elle vont faire ,un super combo groupé ? :O
    Mais pourquoi les robots les attaquent ,et qui sont ils déja ? :O

  4. QuadManX dit :

    They need Batman to help them. Batman can always help. heh

  5. Rastrelly dit :

    Why lots of free XP would ever be bad news? ;)

  6. Ruffosan dit :

    wait a second, i just did notice something…, MOM!?, explanation plz? XD

  7. MaveriKat dit :

    Giant Robot Battle!