Welcome to Ectoville page 1

Welcome to Ectoville page 1


Here we go! New page, new chapter and it’s also the page 100! Hope the wait wasn’t too long, and you’ll all enjoy this new chapter.
Also if you want more informations about the island they live in, check this.

Discussion (17)¬

  1. Darth Paul dit :

    I didn’t know you sounded like Morgan Freeman?!? LOL!

  2. Capt. leon dit :

    finally a new page!!! ya era hora! mas chicas gato porfavor!!!!!

  3. Ronin dit :

    « Help! I’m being mugged by a poster of a sexy, naked lady! »

  4. Sarah dit :

    J’aurais choisi Christopher Lee ♥

  5. ruffosan dit :

    Okay…, what did i miss over here? XD

  6. ruffosan dit :

    don’t worry, just had to read all about, nice way to describe your lil world XD

  7. TigerCavalier dit :

    Personally, I was reading it with Patrick Stewart’s voice in my head, but that works, too!

  8. Calan dit :

    Actually the Bermuda Triangle IS the edge of reality so… yeah xD

  9. dudepac dit :

    too bad this hasn’t updated for so long I just found it and really enjoy it