The tournament page 17

The tournament page 17

A well, no mechas allowed, but well Kisa can fight without it!

Discussion (29)¬

  1. MaveriKat dit :

    Sweetness. I can’t wait to see Kisa BATTLE!

  2. Marine dit :

    Cath et sa culotte de l’enfer! XDD

  3. QuadManX dit :

    Armor considered as a vehicle? So it bigger than a « smart car » but smaller than a « mini coup »? hehe.

    • angs dit :

      Yeah the thing is pretty big, more a mini mecha than a mega-armor. I couldn’t accept it or the character would have been to cheated.

  4. BlackK dit :


  5. Lance dit :

    Well it looks like Tiger milf has the cat
    In the ba- *Shot*

  6. Ronin dit :

    Who’s ready for the most awesome Catfight you’ve ever scene?

  7. Sephzero dit :

    No mech there, it’ll be interesting to see how she adapts for it.

  8. Metal Shadow dit :

    I chearing on Kisa in this Cat fight!
    *Has Kisa Banner*

  9. Love the derpy Devil Girl.

  10. Rastrelly dit :

    Eat my guts, %PCName is waiting for epicness XD

  11. Gorgriz dit :

    Miaouh ce futur combat :3

  12. Ojunix dit :

    Awwww D:
    But I really wanted to see the Tiger Babe vs. Mecha Battle
    I bought the Action Figure & Everything

  13. Darth Paul dit :

    Let’s get it on!