The tournament

The tournament

oct1Here is the first page of the tournament: this event will feature OCs from other artists in a DBZ/ Yuyu Hakusho tournament like.
A lot of fun and fan-service ahead! Also there’s a little scenarion, and i must admit: i’ll be a bit fast on the exposition (it’s just an excuseeee).

Discussion (23)¬

  1. Rastrelly dit :

    [generates random "squeee!"-like sounds]

    Also: Forgent is for Cap today XD

    • angs dit :

      What do you mean with « Forgent is for Cap today XD » ?

      • Rastrelly dit :

        Well, I meant Captain Obvious, a superhero, who is always glad to help the one in need of obvious information. I was joking about last Ann’s remark :)

        • angs dit :

          Haaaaa, well i know « captain obvious » but writing just « cap » confused me. Well yeah. She explains all…She doesn’t forget (forgent ?) she talks to a semi-tiger woman and…readers… :D

          • Rastrelly dit :

            Yeeees, it seems someone has got data of fourth wall positioning on this panel :)

            For Cap: in ru-net he’s usually referred this way. Like « Cap has to inform… » It’s just a habit :)

  2. Ronin21 dit :

    And here, we have the start of something awesome! Yes, now you too can tell your grandchildren you were there when the greatest OC Tournament in Internet history.

    • Ronin21 dit :

      Oops, I meant there FOR the Greatest OC tournament in internet history, not WHEN. my thoughts ran together a bit and messed up my grammar. sorry

    • angs dit :

      Ha ha, i’m pretty sure it already exists^^

  3. Max la Menace dit :

    Mouhouhou enfin la première page beau boulot et hate de voir la suite :D

    • angs dit :

      Merci^^ Apres c’est pas une page hyper interressante, je me debarasse de l’exposition pour faire place a l’action :p

  4. Zero Confidence dit :

    Awesome, interesting tournament there. Epic list of fighters also, or at least judging by the icons, I can give a good guess on the character line up. Well keep up the great work, ha ha! =D

  5. Inky dit :

    So a visitor from the future?
    Awesome, « sign to teleport » invitations!

  6. Spectrum dit :

    I love your honesty.
    The plot it’s just an excuse?? Good to know!
    I’m sure that a lot of funny and sexy action is waiting for us.
    I see Cath changed her hairstyle, didn’t she?