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Robot Killer Page1


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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Darth Paul dit :

    So, they’re broadcasting their adventures now?

    • admin dit :

      Yes, some of their missions are broadcasted. Being popular is their goal after all, but you’ll learn more about it in this episode.

  2. Cyrus dit :

    I hope that robot has a clothes removal ray!

  3. Sheela dit :

    Betcha it has a zoom lens for extra fanservice. :)

  4. Sheela dit :

    …. a ray that can make boys make out with eachother ?

    Coool …. I want one!

  5. Nick dit :

    Oh noes: robots from the fifties!

  6. Spectrum dit :

    Carmilla and Cleo! Such an hot duo… =) they looks so cute that I can smell the FRESH scent of their skin. A mysterious fragrance of grave, pyramid, icy wind of Styria and sands of the desert… Great shot of the duo. I already feel sorry for the vicious evil robot.

  7. Zarzarcon dit :